A mortgage from abroad is an alternative financing solution granted by banks abroad for a person who wants to acquire a real estate property whether in his country or overseas.

A mortgage from abroad is often preferred to a local mortgage from a new homeowner for several reasons, either because he is not satisfied with the terms and conditions of the banks of its country or because of a move abroad.

The overseas mortgage is a financing facility that is offered by foreign lenders based abroad to a borrower regardless of his place of residence for the acquisition of real estate.

Foreign mortgages apply equally to a person who is not resident in the country of the lending bank or to an expatriate borrower who resides in the same country as the foreign lending institution.

Real estate financing from abroad is often easier in the European Union, which applies the same law everywhere regarding a mortgage and the valuation of real estate and it can sometimes show advantages over the terms and conditions offered especially within the European Union when using a cross-border mortgage.

An overseas property mortgage is defined by a home loan facility with is granted for a property located abroad through either a lender who is also abroad or located at the same country as the borrower.

A mortgage for a property abroad is dedicated to home buyer who have found a real state overseas and want to finance it either through local mortgage brokers or through property loan brokers from his country.

An overseas property mortgage is possible in using two separate options, the first one in using a bank or lender in the borrower country even if the real estate is abroad and remortgaging an existing property in his home country.

A mortgage for properties abroad second solution would simply consist on using the local lending option without remortgaging and putting at risk the existing real estate home.

A mortgage broker from abroad is an intermediary role between banks and mortgage lenders who are based overseas and a borrower who is based in his home country and wants to acquire a real estate.

A mortgage broker from overseas acts as a bridge when assisting a future home owner, and on the other side when selecting the best terms and conditions for a mortgage facility from abroad.

An overseas broker for mortgage is used by borrowers for different reasons including sometime a bad credit score in his/her home country or simply better conditions using reduced interest rates and fees.

A mortgage broker from overseas can certainly provide with better home loan solution than in the home country of a borrower, however the risk of foreign exchange fluctuation can have an dangerous impact on the whole property acquisition.